Sandra settled in San Diego, California, in 2008. The brightness and warmth of the climate produce a vast array of plants, people, animals, birds and activities. Life is varied, busy and good.

Art has been part of Sandra's life since she was young. It is a hobby that has gradually flourished into the creation of realistic portraits and varied abstract work as you can see in the galleries. Photography is also an interest for Sandra. Both in its own right and as a source for paintings. The image above is a photo of poppies in a local yard.

She has discovered the joy personal portraits can bring to people.

We may have favorite people in our lives that have affected who we are. Many of us have or have had pets that have brought us happiness and companionship as well as places that we warmly remember.

Painted portraits have a certain vibrancy and soul life.  They can revive and keep memories and feelings alive in us as we enjoy looking at them. Portraits are a permanent reminder of good things.

Sandra enjoys painting in oils and watercolors. She draws with graphite pencils. All her work is hand created, rather than digital.

If you are interested in a portrait of an animal, a person or a place that you love, or any of the other work on the website, please contact Sandra. The art is available as originals, Giclée prints on canvas, or greeting cards.

Sandra’s contact information is:

Cell Phone (text or voice) 619-808-5163

Email: sandra@sandracarriganart.com